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Engineering-Filled Weekend

The countdown is on! As we begin our last week of classes, it’s finally hitting some of us that finals are right around the corner. As engineering students, the amount of 3-hour long finals that await us is daunting. Good thing that this weekend, Lehigh hosted some fun engineering activities for students (all were, of course, welcome to come regardless of their major!).IMG_5556

On Friday, SHPE (the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) and NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) hosted the 3rd Annual Egg Drop Challenge. This Egg Drop required participants to create a device that would cause an egg NOT to break as it was dropped from various heights. The catch to this egg-drop though was that no parachutes were allowed. With this restriction, we were all excited to see what designs each team would come up with. While some used only cotton balls, others opted for straws and newspapers. The two winning teams would be selected by 1) having their eggs survive the fall and 2) having used the least amount of supplies. The two lucky winners were rewarded gift cards as prizes. As a host and coordinator to the event, it was fun watching the creativity of the students as they put a lot of thought into their designs!


On Saturday, Tau Beta Pi and CREATE club hosted the 2nd Annual Engineering Day. This event consisted of 5 different engineering activities where teams were able to tap into different fields of engineering regardless (again) of their major! One of the activities was led by EWB where teams were required to build a canal of some sort using foil, straws, etc to transport water from a bucket at one end to a bucket at the other end using the least amount of supplies. Another activity put to use our knowledge of basic chemistry as we had to create a solution with a very acidic pH using common household supplies and food (ie, vinegar, oil, apple juice, etc). For this activity, we weren’t told what all supplies were, which is what added suspense to the activity. Were we adding an acidic liquid to our solution? Was the white powdered-stuff actually basic?  My favorite activity out of all 5 was a rocket-pressure activity. Using soda bottles, we had to tape wings of some sort that would have our ‘rocket’ suspended in the air for a long time after using water to launch it.

All of the activities were very fun. We got to put our knowledge of engineering to use and even non-engineering stuff came in handy (ie the activity were we had to build an airplane using cardboard, paper, and thin sticks. My teammates decided to put to use elementary school knowledge as they opted for making a paper airplane instead!)


I can’t wait to participate again at next year’s Engineering! And a big congrats to the winners of this year’s Engineering Day: Coding For the Future !!




I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since Lehigh held it’s All-Day Activity for CHOICES. As a first time volunteer, I was really excited to see what the day event would be like and the turnout Lehigh would have. As soon as I walked into Iacocca Hall, I was amazed at the large amount of students that showed up to participate. The CHOICES girls were all middle-school female students and the volunteers consisted of SWE members as well as Lehigh faculty and staff. It was a full house in Iaccoca Hall as the girls immersed themselves in various hands-on engineering activities. The first activity they had was a fun ice-breaker with marshmallows and toothpicks. This was followed by balloon towers and then a presentation with Air Products on Liquid Nitrogen. The culminating event was an egg drop. This is the event I was able to go to after my classes were done. The girls were given some material (newspapers, cotton balls, balloons, tape, cups, etc) to build a design that would not cause an egg to break after falling from a certain height. They definitely worked hard on this event as the final designs stated creativity and careful thought were taken into account.

The egg drop competition itself was really egg-citing to watch. Although a good amount of eggs cracked, those that didn’t had very interesting designs to it!


Overall, it was a fun event and it made me look forward to the campus-wide Egg Drop I am currently planning with my organization (SHPE) as well as another organization (NSBE). I can’t wait to see what engineering designs students here at Lehigh come up with once the final designs are called in.

Transformation Tuesday from winter to spring. Hello nice weather!


Egg Drop Friday

Hi everyone!

Hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend! It’s a beautiful day here at Lehigh University; a lot of people are hoping to enjoy the weather while they still can – before finals! Like many of the others, this is one of the few quiet weekends in my schedule (quiet as in I’m not encumbered by tests!). It’s scary to think that right after final exams, I’ll be finished with my sophomore year of college. Of course, I wouldn’t be on campus during the fall semester; all the reason to try to enjoy this weekend while I can!

I just wanted to write about the Egg Drop competition we had yesterday afternoon. This competition is one of the many random events that clubs hold for the public. Other events that Lehigh hold are Thursday night Trivia, various activities held at Lamberton Hall (activities are different every week: line-dancing, bingo, etc), and other late-night programs. Last night, we had Dance Fest and last weekend, we held the Hackathon. As a tour guide, a lot of parents ask me if the Greek life was dominating; my answer is always that although there is a large Greek life presence, it’s not the only thing you can do.

2014-04-18 17.19.45

First drop!

2014-04-18 17.20.40

Royce (left) is on my team and Kyle (right) probably has the coolest design. Kyle’s design relied on the rubber band to lessen the acceleration of when the design hit the ground.

So – back to the Egg Drop competition. Like most Lehigh competitions, there’s an award for those who are placed in first and second. The winning team will receive $250 in rewards while the second place winners will receive $100. For everyone else… well, they all had a great time. I really wish I took a picture of the creation phase, but unfortunately, I didn’t think to write about this until half way through!

The criteria for winning is that (1) the egg must stay intact (duh!) for the three drops and (2) the barrier around the egg must be the cheapest. Given $14 imaginary dollars as allowance, we were allowed to buy materials with those money. Plastic bags, strings, rubber bands, marshmallow, cotton, tape, newspaper, and a few other items were all on the menu. Given the high engineering population at Lehigh University, I wasn’t surprised to see some very creative designs.

Our team was able to advance through the two drops with satisfying results. Unfortunately, on the last drop of around 20 feet, the egg sadly cracked. The winning team’s design was very air resistant so naturally they were able to decrease the velocity and acceleration from when the egg hits the ground. It’s really a simple physics equation ==> F = ma. Decrease the acceleration of when the egg hits the ground and you will decrease the force. Nonetheless, I had a great time and I’m looking forward to enjoying this weekend.

2014-04-18 17.29.48

Second drop!


Throwback Thursday to when Lehigh was covered with snow. Spring is finally showing itself!!

Moving the Car

Over spring break, I was asked to come up to campus to help move the car that sits in Packard’s lobby. The car used to sit in the middle of the lobby basically behind a wall, so you didn’t really know it was there. There have been recent renovations taking place to revamp the lobby. Part of the plan was to build a new case for the beloved car. This case was to be made of the same glass used in the Popemobile and to have great security features. Well, the case has been made and the car has been placed inside of it! To remove it from the original case, it just had to be pushed down a ramp. Getting it in the new case wasn’t so easy due to the placement of the doors in the new case. We actually had to lift up the front end of the car and rotate it 90 degrees to get it in.

The car in its original case.

The car in its original case.

Michelle, one of the ladies who works in the deans office, got to steer the car while others pushed it.

Michelle, one of the ladies who works in the deans office, got to steer the car while others pushed it down the ramp.

The car in its brand new case.

The car in its brand new case.

Sky on Fire

Last week, it was pretty foggy, but this morning, the sky was absolutely beautiful. Early this morning, when I was walking across campus, the sky was bright pink. These pictures really don’t even do it justice!

photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (1)

photo 3 (1)

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