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Hi! I'm Katie. I am a junior here at Lehigh and I am double majoring in Civil Engineering and Architecture. This Arts-Engineering program is a five year program where I will graduate with two degrees. I am from Quakertown, Pennsylvania, and I am one of the few commuting students at Lehigh. Despite of this, I am the Vice President of the Steel Bridge Team, and I played club rugby. Additionally, I do kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at a local martial arts gym. If you have any questions about anything at all, please don't hesitate to ask!

Officially Completely Done!!

My last final was on the fourth, so I’ve just been relaxing and stuff since then, but we were finally able to see our grades on Wednesday night. I am extremely happy with the grades I got, and I upheld my perfect record of making the Dean’s List every semester! I guess summer can officially start now!!


Chi Epsilon

Chi Epsilon is the National Civil Engineering Honors society. I am honored that I was inducted the other week and chosen to be the secretary 🙂


Final Architecture Project-Penthouse Suite

Or final project was to design a penthouse suite that will be on top of an apartment complex that will actually be built in south Bethlehem within the next year, hopefully. It had to be a two bedroom, 2.5 bath suite that is between 1200 and 1500 square feet. These are some views form Revit of my design.

Penthouse.rvt_2014-Apr-27_05-38-54PM-000_3D_View_7 Penthouse.rvt_2014-Apr-27_05-25-41PM-000_3D_View_3Penthouse.rvt_2014-Apr-27_05-24-19PM-000_3D_View_4 Penthouse.rvt_2014-Apr-27_05-22-30PM-000_Master_View_2 Penthouse.rvt_2014-Apr-27_05-21-07PM-000_3D_View_9 Penthouse.rvt_2014-Apr-27_05-20-27PM-000_3D_View_8 Penthouse.rvt_2014-Apr-27_05-19-33PM-000_3D_View_1 Penthouse.rvt_2014-Apr-27_05-12-51PM-000_3D_View_5

Time to Get My Big Girl Pants On

With the semester coming to a close comes the start of an awesome summer interning for PPL. It’s really starting to feel real now that I’ve gotten my official start date and information about the first day, which is May 19th! I am so excited an cannot wait for an amazing experience!!


This Made Me Giggle

Dr. Pessiki gives old exams to the class to help prepare us for our exams. Naturally, he have us old finals to study from. I was going through them earlier this week, and when I came across this, I couldn’t help but giggle to myself. It’s always nice to find something that can make you smile during the stresses of finals. In case you can’t read it, it says “The statics are simple but if you get it wrong you are doomed.”


Yeah, it’s definitely finals week.


Bring Your Daughter to Work Day

Yesterday, Dr. Pessiki brought his daughter, Emma, to Lehigh with him for bring your daughter to work day (she’s 9). It was a really fun class because of that. He had her help erase the board, clap the erasers, and pass out papers, and he told us some funny stories about their family life the whole time. At the end of class, when we were working on our homework, she drew a unicorn on the board with the colored chalk that she found. I already love that class, but having her there yesterday made for a really awesome last day of concrete!

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