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I attend Lehigh University as a student of the P.C.n Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science. I am majoring in Civil Engineering in my sophomore year. I love to golf and am a huge New York Yankee fan. My favorite subjects are physics and math. I hate formal english classes. Luckily, this blog isn't in essay form!

Paths of a CivE: Part 3/Me

Part 3 is me. Anyway like students 1&2 am a CivE and I am hoping to be in the Co-op program as well but I have a different path cut out for myself. I will be here over the summer for summer courses. I have signed a lease on my first apartment. I have begun taking classes in Economics for my Economics minor (something I wouldn’t have ever thought of before Lehigh) and I am involved with EWB and its project class (more on that in a future post). I am currently in CHOICE housing. I hope to move back to Connecticut with either my Co-op position  or future entry level position. I also blog, obviously.

So anyway, come to Lehigh and you can do anything you want. There are endless paths and I don’t think I know any two stories exactly alike here.


Paths of a CivE: Part 2

This is the second post of this blog. I am basically giving examples of the paths you can take at Lehigh!

Student 2 is also a CivE. His summer plans are similar to mine, but his other plans are not. He like me plans to be a co-op student. We have applied to the same jobs. But Lehigh has endless paths, we may intersect but no one’s life is the same.

Last summer he had an internship, which is much less common for sophomore students. This year he leads his own division of the steel bridge team where they design and build their own steel bridge for competition with other universities. This is their site if you were curious. and he plans to live on campus and wants to stay in PA. He is also a semester ahead in classes and on the water polo team.

Paths of a CivE: Part 1

Lehigh is great because it is a gateway to many options. Anything you read on this blog or another Lehigh blog is just one option of many. Don’t get me wrong if you read about someone who studied abroad and you want to follow in their footsteps, that is completely possible. However when it comes to Lehigh they are limitless. Take my group of friends for example. I won’t name names so lets call them Student 1,2 and 3. Thing three doesn’t exist to Dr. Seuss but for the sake of the post, he/she/it does now. It is important to note that everyone following is in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department! I decided to split these into multiple blog posts because it would be ridiculously Long

Student 1 is a CivE like me. He takes all the same courses and what not, but his summer plans differ greatly from mine. He is starting his own research project on Lehigh’s Mountaintop Campus. This is not normal for undergraduates, but at Lehigh these things are possible. He has a few professor’s backing and he will be paid healthily for his work. I believe he’s working on some kind of sustainable living on mars project. All his own creating, and all his own plan. If you are interested you can find more about it at Anyway Thing 1 lives in Rhode Island and is planning to become a writer on top of his CivE degree and Philosophy minor. Could see yourself doing this? Choose Lehigh CEE

Co-op and Changing

Lehigh never ceases to amaze me with its ability to mold me into a marketable engineering student.

With freshman year I was able to make connections with professors, get used to living on my own, and organize my goals for the future. Last semester I was finally introduced to classes within the Civil Engineering Department. I got aquatinted with actual engineering education and put it to use in many group projects. This year is the most astounding yet in my development. Before this semester I couldn’t even fathom applying for jobs in the engineering field, I wasn’t quite sure how to create a resume, write a cover letter, or introduce myself to a potential employee, but the co-op program has changed all of that in 1 short month.

What is a co-op?

Co-op stands for cooperative education. The program at Lehigh consists of 2 work rotations (like internships) with the same company. The first rotation occurs in fall of your junior year. Instead of taking classes you work with the company you were hired by for 4 months. The second rotation occurs during the summer between junior and senior year. You are paid, receive excellent in-field experience, and credits towards your major.

Sounds Great, So Whats The Trouble….

You have to get hired. This is where I am right now. I was accepted into the Lehigh co-op program itself, but in order to participate I have to be hired by a company offering a co-op position. This involves applications, resumes, interviews, phone calls, and getting familiar with companies.

So back to how Lehigh has improved me this semester!

I haven’t secured a position yet, offers don’t come out until march. However, even if I am not able to acquire a job I am excited with my new skills. I’ve been to several resume critiques and my resume is now something I can be proud of! I’ve interviewed for  two positions already and after the first one my confidence level has tripled. I no longer tremble at the thought of an interview. Finally I now know where to look for jobs, how to appeal to employers, and the etiquette required in interviews, information sessions and so on. I feel like even if I don’t get a co-op that I am extremely prepared for the job market when I graduate. Something that only a place like Lehigh could allow me to achieve in a month!


After finishing just over a month of classes I have already completed my first CEE course! Surveying was only a partial semester course. It ended recently to make way for the less than exciting engineering statistics that now takes up my M/W/F morning time slot.

Although it was brief, the required Surveying course was very important for us to take as sophomores in the department. Basically what we learned was how to calculate elevation changes, read topographical maps, understand the properties of angle measurements, and learn how to use the basics of surveying equipment. As an engineer I most likely will not be surveying. Whatever company I work for will likely hire someone who has earned a license in the field for that purpose. However, all of these things will be useful in civil and environmental engineering because it is important for us to understand how to read a map and surveyors notes and be able to work off of those numbers.


Leveling Instrument and Rod

The true reason I enjoyed the class was the labs. Every thursday we would have to meet on the front lawn of the University Center and use the provided equipment to study the topography of the lawn. First we found the elevation and grade of the lawn. The next week we found the angle between objects. Eventually at the end of the program we were able to find the height and elevation of nearby buildings using our knowledge of the equipment and calculations used previously in the course. If you were wondering Fritz Lab (home to the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department) is around 70 feet tall.

UnknownTotal Station: for measuring angles and distances

Although the course did not teach me exactly how to do my job in the future, it did prime me to become a better all around civil engineer. This is something that I find Lehigh does a lot. They don’t just show you how to do your job. They create graduates who have a specific knowledge of their field accompanied by an overall arcing understanding of the fields around them. Surveying was a class that successfully  added to that understanding.

Engineering Design

CEE 10 is a great class to kick off my 3 years as a Civ E. In this class we forget about the math and science that is so prevalent in the rest of my classes to look at something different.

Engineering Design. So you know the math, you’ve done the calculations, and you have a picture in your head. How do you make that a reality? Well you could build it by yourself, or try to explain in words to others the plan of you project. However, most likely you are going to have to put your plans on paper. This is why CEE 10 is such an important class.

Here I learn to manually draw designs using an old fashion ruler and compass. Then we take to the computers to use Autocad software
To build a model on the computer. I can now create floor plans and model 3D objects. Our next step is to use our newly acquired knowledge in groups to plan out our own version of a redesign of the CEE department.

When people think about engineering they immediately think about math. Most of the time they would be right in saying that engineering is about math. However there is more to it than that. We aren’t mathematicians. We bring math to life through objects and designs and CEE 10, engineering design brings me that much closer to being an engineer.


It’s good to be a part of CEE

This weekend I am lucky enough to take a vacation to Florida to see my dad. Therefore, this should be interesting as I am writing this at 30,000 feet right now on a little five inch screen.

Going on this vacation made this past week a little difficult, however. I will be away through Tuesday and that means missing both days of classes. I had to speak with professors about possibly missing any surprise quizzes in advance and ask for any additional reading or work that will keep me caught up. In addition I had to finish up any homework due next week 5 days early so I could have it handed in on time for me while I’m away.

This brings me to the point of this blog. The CEE department at Lehigh University is a: challenging, yet fair; small, but capable, and a demanding but understanding department at Lehigh. As I was doing the work ahead of time I realized how far I had come as far as acquiring knowledge since joining the CEE department. However, even with such a large work load I am not nearly stressed as I was this time last year because the professors are engaging and helpful and the material is interesting and more than occasionally fun.

I also have found that being a part of a smaller department I share the same schedule with most other CEE sophomores. This helps immensely because I can find help with homework and studying whenever I need. In this instance though the most useful part is having someone to hand in my work and to reiterate important parts of each lecture when I am away.

Overall the Civil and Environmental department is a great group to be a part of. The people are down to earth. The work is exciting and rewarding, and everyone is out with a common goal: the success of the department, it’s professors and its students.

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