College and the Nightly Ritual

I like to think that my friends and I are fun. We do work very hard often but at the end of the day we all know (with the exception of my workaholic friend Deanna) that enjoying our time here is just as an important goal as achieving a commendable gpa. So what do we do when we finally realize that if we study anymore our brains are going to have to start forgetting elementary things like how to spell our own names to make room for new information? We Chuck.Unknown

Last Year the nightly rituals for my friends and I were 6 o’clock dinner, Mario Kart, and midnight ping pong. This year we Chuck. What is Chucking? After spending a long day and night in class, at the library, with clubs, or hunched over a textbook we all decide that enough is enough and 3 close friends and I all squeeze onto our little couch in front of our little TV and watch an episode or two of our new favorite show Chuck.

This post could be about how awesome the show itself is. Theres action, drama, spies, romance, twist endings.. but thats not what i’m getting at here. Long after we finish this show and come up with a new ritual; whether we call it Chucking or  if we name it after our new nightly get together; we will just enjoy the time to relax and take some time away from being a student or an engineer or a work study employee.

Last year we all had the same classes, the same homework, the same clubs and the same friends. This year is different. I am a Civ E and my friends have their own departments. With our own departments come separate classes, clubs, and jobs. So after a long day of separate struggles, joining up with new classmates in our own departments, and marching towards our own goals, whats important is having a time to come back together, relax, unwind, talk, complain, congratulate, laugh, and Chuck!



About Lujoe17

I attend Lehigh University as a student of the P.C.n Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science. I am majoring in Civil Engineering in my sophomore year. I love to golf and am a huge New York Yankee fan. My favorite subjects are physics and math. I hate formal english classes. Luckily, this blog isn't in essay form! View all posts by Lujoe17

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