Capstone Presentations!

Capstone Presentations!

In about 61 minutes I will be meeting with my capstone team to run through our presentation for tomorrow! Today’s picture satirically exemplifies how I feel about presenting my entire capstone design project in front of professors and professionals who have 100+ more years of experience than me (hehe sorry to the professors reading this, jk)

Since we have all been working on our part of the project for 14 weeks, it won’t be too much effort for us to explain the design process. The trick is, however, condensing 14 weeks of progress into 4 minute slots per person (the presentation is only 20 minutes, so we each get 4 minutes to speak). I’m really working on effectively presenting my material but keeping it in the allotted time (because no one likes sitting in a long presentation when you know that the time is going over!)

The second trick in presenting is ensuring that we speak about the project as a whole. It is easy enough for us to speak about our individual design process, but it is more effective (and sometimes difficult) to make a cohesive presentation about the entire design. I think that my group will be well-prepared and I am hoping that we do well…which leads to my next point: professors and professionals.

Our lovely professor (Hi, Quiel) has invited professors and professionals to view our presentations. While this is an awesome opportunity and it is great to get their feedback, we’re all a little nervous. The main source of the nerves is due to the fact that besides our internships, we have NO IDEA what we’re doing! Just kidding, we do…. but we’re mostly nervous for the questions that’ll be asked at the end of the presentation. Our professor specifically made the due date on Friday so that we can change our design based on the questions asked at the presentation, but I would find it undesirable to be standing in front of everyone in Neville, having no idea how to answer the question that was just asked….I am quite hopeful that we’ll be able to answer the questions, since we’ve researched and absorbed the material to the best of our ability.

I will keep y’all updated on the outcome of tomorrow, so until then, have a great night!


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