Egg Drop Friday

Hi everyone!

Hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend! It’s a beautiful day here at Lehigh University; a lot of people are hoping to enjoy the weather while they still can – before finals! Like many of the others, this is one of the few quiet weekends in my schedule (quiet as in I’m not encumbered by tests!). It’s scary to think that right after final exams, I’ll be finished with my sophomore year of college. Of course, I wouldn’t be on campus during the fall semester; all the reason to try to enjoy this weekend while I can!

I just wanted to write about the Egg Drop competition we had yesterday afternoon. This competition is one of the many random events that clubs hold for the public. Other events that Lehigh hold are Thursday night Trivia, various activities held at Lamberton Hall (activities are different every week: line-dancing, bingo, etc), and other late-night programs. Last night, we had Dance Fest and last weekend, we held the Hackathon. As a tour guide, a lot of parents ask me if the Greek life was dominating; my answer is always that although there is a large Greek life presence, it’s not the only thing you can do.

2014-04-18 17.19.45

First drop!

2014-04-18 17.20.40

Royce (left) is on my team and Kyle (right) probably has the coolest design. Kyle’s design relied on the rubber band to lessen the acceleration of when the design hit the ground.

So – back to the Egg Drop competition. Like most Lehigh competitions, there’s an award for those who are placed in first and second. The winning team will receive $250 in rewards while the second place winners will receive $100. For everyone else… well, they all had a great time. I really wish I took a picture of the creation phase, but unfortunately, I didn’t think to write about this until half way through!

The criteria for winning is that (1) the egg must stay intact (duh!) for the three drops and (2) the barrier around the egg must be the cheapest. Given $14 imaginary dollars as allowance, we were allowed to buy materials with those money. Plastic bags, strings, rubber bands, marshmallow, cotton, tape, newspaper, and a few other items were all on the menu. Given the high engineering population at Lehigh University, I wasn’t surprised to see some very creative designs.

Our team was able to advance through the two drops with satisfying results. Unfortunately, on the last drop of around 20 feet, the egg sadly cracked. The winning team’s design was very air resistant so naturally they were able to decrease the velocity and acceleration from when the egg hits the ground. It’s really a simple physics equation ==> F = ma. Decrease the acceleration of when the egg hits the ground and you will decrease the force. Nonetheless, I had a great time and I’m looking forward to enjoying this weekend.

2014-04-18 17.29.48

Second drop!


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