Choosing Humanities Classes 101

So as an engineer, we pretty much have our curriculum taken care of for the four years of our Lehigh career. There’s not much freedom because we have to cover a lot of ground in the world of engineering (which is virtually ANYTHING, I’ve learned). However, Lehigh does require that their engineers take a number of classes within the College of Arts and Sciences, and this semester, I have chosen these classes wisely. If you are not working towards a minor in Humanities/Social Sciences and you have to fill these classes, here is a method I highly suggest using:

#1 – What are some random things that interest you?
Now sure, everyone automatically thinks “Yeah, let me take Sociology, it’ll be super easy. WELL I implore you to dig into your brilliant brain and think about your interests…psychology? Theatre? English? Childhood Stories? Any period of history? Horror Films? Lehigh has em all, in quite a bit of variety.

#2 – Check the course catalog
I feel, personally, that this is a completely underrated tool when it comes to looking into Humanities/Social Science courses. I found some classes offered by Lehigh that I never knew could actually be considered a class..BUT they seemed extremely interesting to me.

#3 – What else would you like to gain from your Lehigh experience?
Engineers are programmed to be problem solvers, critical thinkers, and innovative contributors to the technical world. I am very proud to be a part of this group, but then I thought, is this all I want to learn about? Nooope. I decided that engineering graph paper should not be all that I’m writing on 😉

#4 – Strive to look for courses that are enjoyable, yes, outside of the engineering world.
This one is a toughy because it may require you to step out of your comfort zone. Some classes here at Lehigh designate 20% of your grade to participation..aka speaking up in class and effectively contributing to discussion….aka what never happens in engineering class. We engineers can simplify our goals and our processes to achieve the goals; sometimes, however, a lengthy discussion feels gooood to have, it’s new and fresh and leaves you with a nice feeling upon walking out of class.


About lusamantha14

I am currently a senior at Lehigh University pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. My blog this semester will be about my last undergraduate year at Lehigh: academics, social events & unexpected day to day occurrences. I'm really excited to share my thoughts, stories, and advice with anyone reading, since I know that all students go through very similar experiences. I can't wait to explore all of the opportunities that the field of Civil Engineering has to offer & I'm excited to live out my last year at Lehigh to the fullest! View all posts by lusamantha14

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