Top 7 Worst Things About the Cold

So this January, we’ve been having an extremely frigid “Welcome Back” to the Lehigh Campus. I am constantly freezing and the weather has been the topic of 80% of my conversations. Therefore, I’ve taken to social media to see what are the worst things about the cold, and here they are:

1. Having questionably close contact with strangers for warmth
. (Briann H., 21)
On your way back to your house, Mountaintop, or Goodman and you don’t mind being just a little too cozy with the other people next to you? No shame. It’s 8 degrees out and we’re all friends here, go for it.

2. Feeling as though you might lose a limb (Ashley Y. 2014, 21; Lauren C., 22)
This is one of the strangest feelings – you’re both numb and in pain at the same time. This is most prevalent with the ears and fingers, and many times you think that they might actually fall off.

3. Not being able to use your touch screen even when you’re not wearing gloves (Mandy S., 26)
This is the epitome of a first world problem, but all owners of smart phones have most likely been frustrated by this one. It’s one thing for your phone not to work when you’re wearing gloves, but it’s another when you are so cold that you’re unable to transfer any type of body heat to the screen…woof.

4. Getting into your leather seated car (Danny A. 2014, 21)
This is right up there with sitting on another inanimate object that causes you to wince upon contact (if you know what I mean). You sit there on the cold leather but can’t grab the steering wheel until the car has slightly risen from subzero temperatures, or else your hands may or may not freeze. And then you stare at the engine dial for what seems like an eternity until the dial is in between the C and the H.

5. Overheating upon walking into the sauna of buildings on campus because you are wearing your entire wardrobe (Taylor C. 2014, 21)
Probably one of THE most uncomfortable feelings, ever. Along with the nose running, you’re looking real good at this point.

6. Physical beauty goes down the tubes (Abby D., 21 )
As mentioned in #5, this is just a rough time for all of us, even the Adriana Lima’s of Lehigh’s campus…Semi-wet hair freezes or is just plain brittle, dry skin (hands and face are the main victims), and nose is either running or chapped to Rudolph status. The sniffling that would drive you crazy in the Fall or Spring is now a common background noise in all social settings, and you may or may not go through an obscene amount of lotion…. if you still care enough to moisturize.

7. Inhaling (Brooke A. 2014, 21; Stephanie L. 2014, 21; Irze K. 2014, 21)
Summary: Frozen nasal cavities, chewing gum becomes a solid pebble in your boca, paralyzing first breath upon walking outside.


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I am currently a senior at Lehigh University pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. My blog this semester will be about my last undergraduate year at Lehigh: academics, social events & unexpected day to day occurrences. I'm really excited to share my thoughts, stories, and advice with anyone reading, since I know that all students go through very similar experiences. I can't wait to explore all of the opportunities that the field of Civil Engineering has to offer & I'm excited to live out my last year at Lehigh to the fullest! View all posts by lusamantha14

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