How to Handle Sickness in College

Being sick is not fun. Especially if you are away from mom and your next care package from home isn’t expected until who-knows-when. Don’t forget about that homework you needed to get done and that interview you need to prep for, you certainly don’t want to be sick while meeting a potential employer. So… what do you do?

1) Eat healthy and drink plenty of fluids (Drink Tea!)2014-01-30 11.57.25

If you feel a sickness coming up, try your best to eat healthy foods and stay hydrated! Be getting better nutrient and getting more fluids into your system, you might have a chance suppressing (or just minimizing) those crippling symptoms!

Of course, eating healthy in college is difficult, especially if every single dining hall serve ice cream, pizzas, and other junk food. However, try your best to stick to the salad bar and grab as many fruits as you can. It also is a good idea to get out of the dining as quick as you can after eating your veggies and fruits so you’re not tempted to go for the baddies.

2) Let yourself rest

I’m probably a hypocrite for writing this, since I’m sick myself right now and I’ve been watching videos and writing blogs all day. What you need to be doing is to get more sleep. Just lay the Netflix off for a while and sleep…

3) Let your professors know if you’re missing class

If you are not able to prevent your symptoms from getting any worse, it may be a good idea to stay in and skip class. After all, how much can you learn if all you do during class is suffer. Make sure you let your professors know if you will be missing class. Just a quick email would do the trick!

4) Head to campus health

If you are seriously ill for a few days, it might be a good idea to head over to the campus health center (Johnson Hall). An hour of checkup could be worse a day of recovery. Medical professionals can let you know the best way to get better!

Stay healthy and don’t be like me!






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