Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to all! It’s amazing how fast time flies, I can remember exactly how I spent my last New Year Eve. But then again, that might be because it was my first New Year Eve in the United States. Nevertheless, time has passed by pretty quickly, and as I think about it, I only have approximately two and a half years of college left before I am thrown in to reality, and forced to experience the real world!

New Year’s eve, tend to be spent slightly differently in the United States in comparison to how people spend it back home. It just feels, as though more people take part in the celebrations over here, the momentum keeps building up after Christmas. The cities tend to be much more lively, loud and much busier on New Year’s Eve, compared to back home. Later on in the night just as it turned twelve in the midnight, there were some spectacular firework shows. The skies were brightly lit up as people joyously welcomed 2014!

Many other people had left their homes wonderfully decorated and lit up, with a variety of lights, past Christmas, all the way to New Year’s Eve. I happened to come across this street, called Huston Street, where the entire neighborhood had put in a ton of effort in decorating their houses. Honestly speaking, the streets were brightly lit up with the amount of lights the houses had on them. Never in my life had I seen such beautifully decorated houses. It was absolutely amazing!

Well with 2014, comes a whole new set of experiences waiting to unfold right before us. Besides, it’s not too long before a new semester starts, with only a little over a week to go, it’s almost time to go back to school. So to all students, enjoy the few remaining days of the break before its time to work work work again!



About lukawsar16

Hi! I am Kawsar! I'm an International student, here at Lehigh University, from Tanzania, East Africa. I'm a sophomore and have declared to major in Civil Engineering. Currently, I am thinking about specializing in Structural Engineering, but who knows I might end up changing my mind as I continue to get more exposure in to the department. So far Lehigh has been amazing place to be! On campus I live in Brodhead. Unlike last year, Brodhead is at the absolute bottom of campus. That basically means you have to start off your day, walking up the hill to get to your classes. However, on the bright side, you don't have to worry about it as much when you're done for the day, and it's all downhill! I have been involved in several clubs, one of the most beneficial being the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) which links all the civil engineers from Colleges and Universities in America, with a vast number of professional Civil Engineers and firms. This year has started off steady, but I can already feel it picking up its pace. But so far so good, enjoying life as a Civil Engineer! View all posts by lukawsar16

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