Surprisingly enough it has been a whole week since we all got over with finals and closed for break. However, to be frankly honest, it doesn’t seem to have been that long ago, it feels as though we just got done yesterday! Time really does fly when you’re enjoying your break.

Finals for me were quite challenging! Especially in the sense that, all my exams were cramped in on the last couple of days! I started off with having five exams, but after talking to the professor, I managed to get away with one, and in the end I was left with four. But even that wasn’t that great, because all four of my exams were on the last three days of finals week. I had two on Monday, one on Tuesday and another on Wednesday, pretty rough if you think about it. I am glad I was able to get the fifth one out of the way, or else I would end up with three on Monday.

The two that I had on Monday were Statics and Psychology, both of which needed a fair amount of studying. Psychology needed a little bit more effort and there was more memorizing that needed to be done. Unfortunately, I am not the sort of guy that can easily cram stuff, which made it slightly difficult and much more time consuming studying for Psychology! Statics on the other hand, wasn’t as hard as I could visualize and apply the material I had learned, when doing practice questions.

I then had Statistics on Tuesday, which is generally a course that is difficult to understand. The concepts can be quite a challenge to grasp at times. Although the statistics course, that civil engineers at Lehigh have to take, is less intense in comparison to the course that other engineers have to take, it can still get confusing. The preparation for it did take a while, as we had to be aware of a variety of distributions and when to apply each one. The good thing about it was that, it was an open book and open notes exam, i.e. we could take our books and notes in to the exam. The main reason for this being that, there were so many formulas and equations there was no possible way one could remember all of them!

My last on Wednesday was Calculus 3, or else known as, multivariable Calculus. I had the least time to prepare for this, as my statistics exam on Tuesday went from7 to 10 pm and my calculus exam was on the next day, early in the morning at 8. So it was a tight fit. Yes, I stayed up for a good chunk of the night absorbing in as much material as I could and later went into the exam at 8.

So overall, apart from all my exams being cramped up within the last three days, everything else went alright!


About lukawsar16

Hi! I am Kawsar! I'm an International student, here at Lehigh University, from Tanzania, East Africa. I'm a sophomore and have declared to major in Civil Engineering. Currently, I am thinking about specializing in Structural Engineering, but who knows I might end up changing my mind as I continue to get more exposure in to the department. So far Lehigh has been amazing place to be! On campus I live in Brodhead. Unlike last year, Brodhead is at the absolute bottom of campus. That basically means you have to start off your day, walking up the hill to get to your classes. However, on the bright side, you don't have to worry about it as much when you're done for the day, and it's all downhill! I have been involved in several clubs, one of the most beneficial being the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) which links all the civil engineers from Colleges and Universities in America, with a vast number of professional Civil Engineers and firms. This year has started off steady, but I can already feel it picking up its pace. But so far so good, enjoying life as a Civil Engineer! View all posts by lukawsar16

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