How Important are Finals?

Today is one of my last few days here for the fall semester; I will  be leaving after my Soil Mechanics exam Wednesday morning.  I finished my fourth exam, Materials, online Saturday morning which was a struggle to put it lightly.  Locking myself in a study room in the basement of my house to take a timed online exam at 8 in the morning wasn’t exactly the least stressful thing.  I was just so done with studying and school work by the time I got through the exam that I really didn’t care how well I did.  This happens to me during finals week every semester even though the final exam will almost always decide whether I get an A or a B+ in the class.  After finding out how well I did on each of my four midterms before Thanksgiving, I just checked out mentally and haven’t really put in the effort I should have to finish strong.  It’s disappointing but at the same time I’m not looking to ace all of my classes.  To do that, I would have to study twice as much to do marginally better, that just isn’t worth it in my opinion.  Every so often I realize just how valuable time is and you can’t waste it focusing on just one thing.  The last few days I was hanging out with some friends, probably when I should have been studying more for Materials, and we were recalling all these things we did our freshman year.  Then I realized that these things all happened over two years ago, yet I remembered them like they were just a few days ago.  The point being, in the end the things you will remember and care about most won’t be your grades.  This semester has killed me like no other in terms of work load and stress level.  I’ll finish with a good gpa for all the hard work I put in, but the 4.0 I had in mind a week ago was kind of thrown out the window with finals.  This week I’ve practiced guitar more hours than I’ve studied and have allowed myself to do the things I want and love to do.  Having focused so much on school work all semester, I missed out on a lot of those things and actually regret falling away from them.  Even though I have one more exam to go, I’m considered my semester done and looking forward to going back home.  Next semester it will be much easier to balance my school work and personal life.  Like everyone says, college is a learning experience.


About lukarl15

Hey! I'm Karl, a civil engineer in my senior year at Lehigh University. I am from the Buffalo/Western New York area and am the president of the American Society of Civil Engineers on campus. I am also on the Running Club team, practice electric and classical guitar, and study music theory on my own. I enjoy playing and watching sports with my friends in my free time (or the times when I probably should be studying). View all posts by lukarl15

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