Finals Week: Getting There

Everyone is aware that this is the week of final exams for the semester.  Homework, lab reports, projects are all done while studying begins!  Some have it easier than others; I’d think of myself as somewhere in between.  While engineering exams are never a walk in the park, I was fortunate to have somewhat of a favorable schedule that keeps much of the stress away.  Tuesday afternoon – Structural Analysis, Thursday night – Greek History, Friday morning – Fluid Mechanics, Saturday morning – Materials, Wednesday morning – Soil Mechanics.  As you can see the exams are fairly spread out, except my Greek History and Fluids exams.  Those two classes have been my easiest of the semester yet will probably be the ones I end up studying for the most.  I’ve learned too many times not to feel so confident going into an exam and that its best to take each exam seriously.  Still I believe there is a peak to how much you can study, like in the graph Imageshown here (I know we engineers like to think figuratively).  I think there is a certain point anyone can reach where more studying will actually result in worse grades.  This would be due to added stress, less rest, over thinking problems, etc.  This point would differ for everyone, some people can really zone out and study all day like it’s no big deal, but for me anything more than a couple hours is pushing my concentration.  I put in a few hours studying for structures, which was the time it took to glimpse over all my notes and the huge stack of homework assignments.  The exam was hard, as expected, but given extra time on it (I took a little more than 3 hours) you were able to figure out each problem.  I’m going to spend the rest of today reading over Greek History and hopefully some Fluids notes.  Once those exams are done, Materials is an open online exam which I’d like to think means little studying.  Soils is not until Wednesday and is only a short non-cumulative exam.  Having to stay until the very last day of exam week, which seems to happen to every engineer every semester, just for this class is disappointing.  It’s hard to focus for a whole week straight when you’re getting so close to the end.


About lukarl15

Hey! I'm Karl, a civil engineer in my senior year at Lehigh University. I am from the Buffalo/Western New York area and am the president of the American Society of Civil Engineers on campus. I am also on the Running Club team, practice electric and classical guitar, and study music theory on my own. I enjoy playing and watching sports with my friends in my free time (or the times when I probably should be studying). View all posts by lukarl15

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