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I chose this picture because I’m sure that is what most college students are thinking right now during their last week and finals. As a senior, final projects and tests are a little more bearable because I am so close to graduating (and I’m probably going to miss these tests soon after the working world begins)! I received another motivating factor in the form of a grade today when we got our Big Beam Designs back in Prestressed Concrete Class today! In my previous blog, I mentioned how our beam was disqualified because of a moment limit we did not calculate accurately…It turns out that our design actually wasn’t terrible and we received a 94/100 on the design! My group members and I were so happy to receive this today and like my foundations test grade, this gives me motivation to keep working throughout the next week.

It’s only Tuesday, so I know I still have a while to go but I also know I can keep moving along in my schoolwork. I found a short list of tips for getting through the last weeks of school and if anyone is interested, it is located on Google (2nd link if you search “How to get through finals week”). One piece of advice to everyone: SLEEP. This picture (below) from SNL is a closely accurate description of what can happen with no sleep!



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I am currently a senior at Lehigh University pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. My blog this semester will be about my last undergraduate year at Lehigh: academics, social events & unexpected day to day occurrences. I'm really excited to share my thoughts, stories, and advice with anyone reading, since I know that all students go through very similar experiences. I can't wait to explore all of the opportunities that the field of Civil Engineering has to offer & I'm excited to live out my last year at Lehigh to the fullest! View all posts by lusamantha14

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