Exam Week

So this week I have three exams, one on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, in Fluid Mechanics, Soil Mechanics, and then Civil Engineering Materials.  For freshmen and some sophomores, most of their general classes would have their midterm exams at four o’clock.  But for the smaller class sizes you have as an upperclassman the exams are usually taken during class time.  However, my Wednesday exam is at night from 5-7 and my Thursday exam is online, which should make things interesting.

Exam week isn’t always as bad as it is made out to be.  While for engineering you’re always swamped with work and confusing concepts, studying becomes very simple if you are able to understand everything as you learn it.  In this way studying for an engineering exam might consist of a short review of some basic concepts and a few practice problems.  Meanwhile, non-engineers stress over reading and memorizing everything which formulates into a lot more studying time for them.  However, if you aren’t able to grasp how to solve certain problems in an engineering class, you will be in for a tough time when it comes to learning them for an exam.


About lukarl15

Hey! I'm Karl, a civil engineer in my senior year at Lehigh University. I am from the Buffalo/Western New York area and am the president of the American Society of Civil Engineers on campus. I am also on the Running Club team, practice electric and classical guitar, and study music theory on my own. I enjoy playing and watching sports with my friends in my free time (or the times when I probably should be studying). View all posts by lukarl15

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