Beginning of the End

So I have now successfully completed my second summer internship of my college career & I can not believe I’m starting my senior year tomorrow. I am very grateful for the internship I was able to have this summer, because I learned a lot about both the engineering process of wastewater treatment & the working world in general. My coworkers gave me great perspective on my career and life, and I am glad I was able to meet people of all different walks of life.

I feel that I am much more mentally prepared to enter the working world than I was before I started my internship this summer. I am so excited to start school and experience a different type of “work” for the next nine months. I want to thank Ms. Shelley Drozd in the Civil Engineering Department for giving me the opportunity to blog about my summer job, and I hope I was describe my summer experience in an informative way!


About lusamantha14

I am currently a senior at Lehigh University pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. My blog this semester will be about my last undergraduate year at Lehigh: academics, social events & unexpected day to day occurrences. I'm really excited to share my thoughts, stories, and advice with anyone reading, since I know that all students go through very similar experiences. I can't wait to explore all of the opportunities that the field of Civil Engineering has to offer & I'm excited to live out my last year at Lehigh to the fullest! View all posts by lusamantha14

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