Capstone Presentations!

Capstone Presentations!

In about 61 minutes I will be meeting with my capstone team to run through our presentation for tomorrow! Today’s picture satirically exemplifies how I feel about presenting my entire capstone design project in front of professors and professionals who have 100+ more years of experience than me (hehe sorry to the professors reading this, jk)

Since we have all been working on our part of the project for 14 weeks, it won’t be too much effort for us to explain the design process. The trick is, however, condensing 14 weeks of progress into 4 minute slots per person (the presentation is only 20 minutes, so we each get 4 minutes to speak). I’m really working on effectively presenting my material but keeping it in the allotted time (because no one likes sitting in a long presentation when you know that the time is going over!)

The second trick in presenting is ensuring that we speak about the project as a whole. It is easy enough for us to speak about our individual design process, but it is more effective (and sometimes difficult) to make a cohesive presentation about the entire design. I think that my group will be well-prepared and I am hoping that we do well…which leads to my next point: professors and professionals.

Our lovely professor (Hi, Quiel) has invited professors and professionals to view our presentations. While this is an awesome opportunity and it is great to get their feedback, we’re all a little nervous. The main source of the nerves is due to the fact that besides our internships, we have NO IDEA what we’re doing! Just kidding, we do…. but we’re mostly nervous for the questions that’ll be asked at the end of the presentation. Our professor specifically made the due date on Friday so that we can change our design based on the questions asked at the presentation, but I would find it undesirable to be standing in front of everyone in Neville, having no idea how to answer the question that was just asked….I am quite hopeful that we’ll be able to answer the questions, since we’ve researched and absorbed the material to the best of our ability.

I will keep y’all updated on the outcome of tomorrow, so until then, have a great night!

Transformation Tuesday from winter to spring. Hello nice weather!


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Bridges to Prosperity

Hi everyone!

Finals are approaching … you can feel it in the atmosphere. It’s still pretty quiet in terms of the library; but anyone can tell that eerie ambiance is merely the quiet before the storm. In a few days, people are going to be crowding the library and our schedules will once again be hectic. I’ve already filled up my schedule of when I want to study what topics. Lucky enough, I’ve only got 4 final exams and one presentation. Comparing to many other people, I’ve got the good life!

B2P logoI want to write about a club that is very meaningful to me. Bridges to Prosperity is an organization where students literally build a bridge for developing communities. I’ve said this several times before, I am very passionate about developing undeveloped regions. Organizations such as Engineers Without Borders are wonderful, but in the Lehigh University chapter, they focus mainly on water resources. Personally, I am more interested in structures rather than water resources. This is why Bridges to Prosperity is truly meaningful to

Why is Bridges to Prosperity important? Imagine that you have two rural villages. One

village has the only medical facility and education system. The other village has extended families from the first village. Also, this second village has the only road that connects to the outside. The problem is that a river or some sort of natural barrier divides the two villages. During the wet season, it can even become very deadly to cross this river. You can see how this can easily before a problem.

Throughout the year, our executive board and the members have been in contact with Bridges to Prosperity. We identified a community in need of a bridge, and we have been tasked to design a bridge. Our student chapter is responsible for creating a design for the bridge, raising the money to pay for supplies and labor for the bridge, and we are also responsible for the construction schedule. Not only is this an engineering design project, it also includes construction management aspects.

This is a picture of our surveying team's work over the winter break

This is a picture of our surveying team’s work over the winter break

In our university chapter of Bridges to Prosperity, we are tasked with designing a bridge in Vallecito, Panama. Since this is our first bridge that we have a small membership, the bridge will be smaller. The team traveling will be gone for about 2.5 weeks. Knowledge for the local language (Spanish) will be very important because the construction team will be working hand-in-hand with residents

Site where the bridge will be constructed over

Site where the bridge will be constructed over

in the community.

Unfortunately, I would not be able to attend this trip because I will be busy with summer classes. I have been accepted into a Co-op so in order to graduate in time, I will be a full time student over the summer and a full-time student in the fall semester. However, I am looking forward to be more involved with the club!


Please click here to visit the Lehigh B2P website!

If you want to help support our cause, you can donate however much you are able to! Please press here

Monday Balloon Surprise


I was casually walking though STEPS this morning like I always do, and I was caught off guard by a whole bunch of balloons blocking two offices. Of course, I had to go investigate, and this is what I found. I’m still not sure why they are there, but they brightened my morning :)



















Egg Drop Friday

Hi everyone!

Hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend! It’s a beautiful day here at Lehigh University; a lot of people are hoping to enjoy the weather while they still can – before finals! Like many of the others, this is one of the few quiet weekends in my schedule (quiet as in I’m not encumbered by tests!). It’s scary to think that right after final exams, I’ll be finished with my sophomore year of college. Of course, I wouldn’t be on campus during the fall semester; all the reason to try to enjoy this weekend while I can!

I just wanted to write about the Egg Drop competition we had yesterday afternoon. This competition is one of the many random events that clubs hold for the public. Other events that Lehigh hold are Thursday night Trivia, various activities held at Lamberton Hall (activities are different every week: line-dancing, bingo, etc), and other late-night programs. Last night, we had Dance Fest and last weekend, we held the Hackathon. As a tour guide, a lot of parents ask me if the Greek life was dominating; my answer is always that although there is a large Greek life presence, it’s not the only thing you can do.

2014-04-18 17.19.45

First drop!

2014-04-18 17.20.40

Royce (left) is on my team and Kyle (right) probably has the coolest design. Kyle’s design relied on the rubber band to lessen the acceleration of when the design hit the ground.

So – back to the Egg Drop competition. Like most Lehigh competitions, there’s an award for those who are placed in first and second. The winning team will receive $250 in rewards while the second place winners will receive $100. For everyone else… well, they all had a great time. I really wish I took a picture of the creation phase, but unfortunately, I didn’t think to write about this until half way through!

The criteria for winning is that (1) the egg must stay intact (duh!) for the three drops and (2) the barrier around the egg must be the cheapest. Given $14 imaginary dollars as allowance, we were allowed to buy materials with those money. Plastic bags, strings, rubber bands, marshmallow, cotton, tape, newspaper, and a few other items were all on the menu. Given the high engineering population at Lehigh University, I wasn’t surprised to see some very creative designs.

Our team was able to advance through the two drops with satisfying results. Unfortunately, on the last drop of around 20 feet, the egg sadly cracked. The winning team’s design was very air resistant so naturally they were able to decrease the velocity and acceleration from when the egg hits the ground. It’s really a simple physics equation ==> F = ma. Decrease the acceleration of when the egg hits the ground and you will decrease the force. Nonetheless, I had a great time and I’m looking forward to enjoying this weekend.

2014-04-18 17.29.48

Second drop!

Fall Schedule

We had registration last week, and my schedule is finalized (I hope!). I know ARCH 243 is going to be really really really time consuming and demanding, so I hope this semester doesn’t kill me!

Fall 2014

CEE 266: Construction Management An overview of scheduling, estimation, construction methods, financial controls, contracts, labor relations, and organizational forms in construction. My internship this summer is construction management, and I’ve heard great things about this professor, so I’m excited for this class.

CEE 142: Soil Mechanics Physical properties of soil: stresses, strains, flow through porous materials, deformation, laboratory experiments. I’ve heard really good things about this class and professor as well.

ARCH 214: Architecture and the City since WWII Architectural and urban theories and projects since 1945; analysis of the relationship between architecture and the city. This class counts as one of my history/theory electives for my architecture degree. It will also be writing intensive.

ARCH 243: Architectural Design 3 Basically exactly what it sounds like. This is with the same professor that teaches ARCH 214.

CEE 203+ME 111: Professional Development Professional ethics and writing, responsibilities of an engineer. (Yeah, 203 conflicts with ARCH 243; that’s why I am taking ME 111 as well. I’ve spoken to the professor, and he is totally fine with this.)


Throwback Thursday to when Lehigh was covered with snow. Spring is finally showing itself!!

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